Is Floristry a Good Career Choice?

Many of us have a dream career in mind when we are children, yet few actually fulfil their goal in adult life. Some of us wish to become a chef, a painter, an astronaut or professional footballer.

However, there is one career line that few children consider, but is nonetheless very creative, inspirational and definitely artistic. It is a career move that will bring joy, job satisfaction and help us to expand our creative edge. That career is in floristry.

What are the key personality traits that would make florists of the future? Is there a certain type of person that should go for this role? The reality is anyone can become a florist with hard work and study.

Working in floristry tends to bring out the inner creative spark in us.  If you are one of those who adores arts and crafts, this should definitely be a career move to consider.

A passion for flowers is also a good start. Those who love flowers will work more creatively to give off a creative and blooming bouquet or arrangement. If you have a love for flowers then this is a good career choice.

Most roles in the workplace tend to demand people skills. Communication and coming across to clients with a clear and defined manner are good features to have when you are a florist. If this is you, floristry can be a very good choice for your future employment.

The thing is with people skills in floristry is that you need to know what the customer wants. Often, a client may not be able to express the requirements in a clear and plausible manner. It would be the role of the florist to suggest, aid and come up with alternatives that might work better for that wedding table, office works function or hotel lobby arrangement.

There will also be a need for patience and an ability to work to tight deadlines. At certain times of the year there is a huge demand for flowers: Valentine’s Day, June weddings and a last minute funeral will all be times when the florist will be forced to work overtime and meet tight deadlines.

There will always be the partner who needs some flowers to say “sorry” after a lovers’ tiff – these tight deadlines will occur throughout the career.

All of these skills are taught at The London Flower School based on the Wharf Dale Road in London, N1.

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