Significant Enlightenment about Webinar

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An online Interactive whiteboard usually gives permission one to upload files such as PowerPoint presentations like audio files, documents, and photo.  It also shares with other collaborators. This interactive whiteboard will allow one to talk with colleagues, either via text or video feed.

How to record a webinar for later viewing

Webinars or an online seminar is an integral thing in the lives. One can get ample Webinars on different topics.  The record of the webinar for later viewing:

Download the software:

Download the setup file on the computer One can open it. The installation instructions on the screen for completing the setup process must be followed. When the process will be completed, the program will be executed.

Record the Webinar:

The recording frame over the area will be checked. Make sure that the icon is highlighted in green.  It will capture the voice of the speakers. It will not be interfered by the background noises.

While recording the voices, one must make sure that the microphone icon is green for the recorder.

Step 3:

When the Webinar opens, one must click the record button on the software. Anyone can record the movie or sometimes sing. The recording will be automatically saved on the hard drive.

One can cut the video later or voice recording. Even it can be converted to another format.

Step 4:

The user can view or listen the recording or video later.

How to set up a webinar free

It is not necessary to spend hundreds on Webinars. One can use some tools to do webinars for free:

Designing webinars for free don’t need a lot of software or tools. It takes one 3 simple tools. They are:

  1. Squarespace: It is for the existing websites. All the websites, landing pages, sales pages, and even Webinar registration pages all are available on Squarespace. The use of WordPress is also helpful for the users.
  2. YouTube Live: it is powered by Google and never got downtime etc. One will set up the live telecasting implementing YouTube Live. It will simply code the video on the webinar page.
  3. CHATANGO or TLK.IO: The live chat operates when the webinar people will ask queries and communicate with each other.

Free Webinar Services:

People are using six free webinar services:

  1. eZTalks Webinar
  2. Any meeting
  3. Zoom
  4. Go To Webinar
  5. Google Hangouts
  6. Skype

It is also increasing business drastically as anyone can use it conveniently and with ease. These webinar services are of high quality for the users.

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