What Makes Portsmouth Such a Great University

Thinking of studying at the University of Portsmouth? There are plenty of great reasons to attend this popular university, from its fantastic seaside location to all the incredible facilities and teaching staff that make it one of the top universities in the country. 

Whether you’re thinking of accepting a place at the university of have already selected your course, here are some of the reasons why Portsmouth is such a great university: 

An Affordable Location to Live 

Portsmouth ranks amongst the most affordable places to for students live in the entire UK, giving many people all the motivation that they need to study here. After all, student life is known to be a financially challenging time, so being able to live in affordable city certainly helps make life much easier. 

Most of the university campuses and other accommodation are located with the heart of the city and there are great transport links to access each one. Everything else you could want as a student – like shopping, places to eat and drink, cultural activities – is found in Portsmouth, and it won’t cost you a small fortune to enjoy any of it. 

A Unique Living Experience 

There aren’t many universities in the UK that offer almost instant access to gorgeous beaches but the University of Portsmouth offers just that. Located on the south coast of England and just a short distance from mainland Europe, living in a coastal city while at university offers an experience like no other. 

For one, Portsmouth has plenty of gorgeous beaches, parks, and scenic coastal routes that offer the perfect (and free!) place to hang out as a student. Better still, the region is known for having some of the best weather in the UK – expect lots of warm and sunny days during your time here!

A Great Place to Graduate 

Enjoying your time as a student at the University of Portsmouth is one of the biggest attractions for studying on here but you can’t overlook the importance of how it can help you after you leave. For example, the university is one of the highest ranking for boosting graduate salaries.

This is because the university has close links within the industries of their respective courses and placing a huge importance on work placement support. Not only that, it even offers a career and employability service that is available for graduates for up to five years after they graduate! 

Add in the various opportunities to work and study abroad, it becomes clear just how great the University of Portsmouth during and after your time there. 

Exceptional Facilities 

Beyond the amazing sights and sounds of the city of Portsmouth, the university’s own facilities are nothing short of fantastic and are only certain to enhance your time studying here. From the highly regarded student union to premium teaching spaces, the facilities at the university are some of the best in the country.

Plus, these facilities are only going to improve over time. The university is currently undergoing a £400 million Estate Master plan, which involves extensive campus redevelopments and new facilities being constructed over a 10-12 year period. 

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