Counter Combatives Training for Law Enforcement New Jersey

Most counter combatives training for law enforcement New Jersey has three characteristics. It is focused on non-harmful arrest; it is fairly effective against a non-resistant subject, and it does not adequately prepare officers to fight for their lives when necessary.

As a law enforcement agent, it is advisable to be well trained on how to combat anything that comes your way using all available tools. More importantly, a police officer is expected to be equipped with the right training and equipment to not only protect himself but also other fellow officers and citizens he is sworn to protect and serve.

There is no denying the fact that a police officer who has no confidence on how to protect himself against any physical attack is more likely to use lethal force. Under normal circumstances, the officer should be able to protect himself physically but due to the lack of training he panics and resort to using a higher level of force. Sadly, most cops who lack proper training and confidence are more often found guilty of disrespecting and using all sort of verbal abuse on offenders. This happens as a result of fear. This is why every police officer is expected to take counter combatives training for law enforcement New Jersey.

Such misconduct being portrayed by undertrained cops usually result in civilian complaints and lawsuits. And depending on the severity of the case, most cops are subjected to mandatory programs where they have to learn more about emotional sensitivity and cultural awareness. No doubt the objective of these programs is to sensitize the cop and make them more confident in their duties but that’s not the case. Instead, it makes them more frustrated.

A police officer who was trained in benign arrest and control techniques and the use of tools like pepper spray, taser etc cannot confidently confront and arrest a suspect. This is because he knows that on moving inches closer to the suspects, the tables might turn and the only way he could arrest the situation would be to find a way to create enough distance and time to access a tool. Since most cops don’t have the much-required confidence to handle the situation, they resort to unnecessary use of tool and in the worst case deploy such tools mid-fight.

The perfect solution to this menace eating up the police force is to take them through counter combatives training for law enforcement New Jersey. A police officer who has undergone training to apply the principles of combative balance when the need arises will be able to physically control a close quarter situation in the event that the suspects suddenly becomes aggressive. Once a suspect sees how confident the officer is, he or she will be discouraged from taking any funny step. And even if the suspect is still adamant on taking unwarranted steps, regardless of the weapons concealed, an officer who has undergone counter combatives training for law enforcement New Jersey will be able to use the right level of force to put the situation under control.

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