The problem of poor academic achievement

Low academic achievement

The poor academic achievement is one of the problems that many students suffer from, so that their achievement is less than the normal level, which causes them many psychological and social problems, such as introverted, aggressive, and non-acceptance of others, and we will talk here about the reasons for poor academic achievement, and how to treat it.

Reasons for poor academic achievement

Health reasons

The occurrence of injuries during childbirth, the incorrect use of medicinal drugs during pregnancy, the lack of nutrition, in addition to the lack of oxygen, infectious diseases, genetic factors, and an imbalance in the nervous system, which reduces the ability to perceive.

Lack of focus in the class, lack of attention to what the teacher says when explaining the lesson, and neglecting homework assignments, in addition to not knowing how to study properly.

Social reasons

Frequent problems, family squabbles, and disintegration among family members.

Using wrong, incorrect methods of upbringing.

Decreased self-confidence, unwillingness to go to school, hate education, feeling very frustrated, and failure.

Many school problems occur, such as quarrels with students, school escape, frequent absence, violence, late morning hours, and awe of the teacher.

The high ambition of parents, and their desire to excel their son, and this may lead to a negative impact on the student’s achievement and his academic delay, due to his limited capabilities.

Parents distinguish between children, preferring one over the other.

The lower the economic level of the family, and the larger the size of the family, which leads to an increase in poor living conditions.

Reasons related to the school environment

Affected by bad companions, the student loses the incentive to education, gets carried away behind them, and imitates their behavior, which leads to poor academic achievement.

Fleeing school due to the presence of external factors that attract the student and lead him to flee.

The student’s ambition was killed by his parents, as a result of their bad handling.

The low level of student intelligence, which leads him to neglect his lessons, and his academic delay.

Treating the problem of poor academic achievement

Presenting the problem to the psychological counselor, establishing a relationship between the counselor, and the student having confidence and affection, then guiding the student and helping him solve his problem, in addition to encouraging him to improve the level of his academic achievement.

Preparing special programs for the late student, commensurate with his abilities.

Attention to and attention to individual differences between students.

Review information for late students on an ongoing basis, and link them to their retirement status.

The use of attractive educational methods, such as audio and visual equipment, this helps to increase their understanding and awareness.

Constant communication between parents and the school, and instructing them on how to deal with their children to overcome this problem.

Using the method of motivation, encouragement, and feeling confident about themselves, this leads them to perseverance, and the continuous attempt to improve their academic achievement.

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