Things to Know Before Becoming a Bartender

Being a bartender is one of the most thrilling jibs a person can opt for. This however, doesn’t mean it is for everyone. Sometimes being a bartender can be exhausting as well – never boring, but exhausting. This may make you wish that you should take a different main career and use bartending as a hobby career, but that decision is up to you. If you are really committed, you may even go at emploi Bar à Montréal to study the basics and tricks of the trade. Well, to make your decision easier for you, here are some things you should know before you become a bartender:

You may have to start out as a bar back

Just like you can’t join a company one day and become the CEO, you can’t expect to join a bar and become the star bartender from day one. You may need to carry around heavy weights and stuff the bar cabinets with the new supply from time to time. This may also mean that you will play assistant to the bartender. However, you must try to see this as a learning step towards becoming a pro.

Bartending courses don’t replace experience

Everyone who wishes to be a bartender wants to do so right after finishing bartending school. However, fact of the matter is that bartending school doesn’t quite replace good old-fashioned experience. You may learn the basics for sure, but to go beyond that and be one of the best bartenders in your city, you will have to take time to practice and experiment new things. Then only after years of experience will you become a pro bartender.

You will have to move around a lot

The job of a bartender isn’t a desk job, and requires you to be on your feet throughout your shift. Shaking heavy vessels and doing 10 hour shifts every night will have an impact on your body and may result in injuries like tennis elbow, etc. But, if you really love the job, it will make everything worth it.

You aren’t at the bar for fun

Even when your friends are at the bar having the time of their lives, you need to remember that you are here for work and work alone. The whole point of being a bartender is to make money by doing something you love, but it also means you will have to miss out on most parties and club nights. But that’s okay, you can still go out with your friends when you have time off from your shifts.

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